Is your dog’s ear hair smelly and long? If there is a bad smell or your dog scratches his ears a lot, pay attention. It is likely that there is something wrong with your dog’s ears. To keep your dog’s ears healthy, it’s a good idea to remove the ear hair regularly.


Ear hair must be plucked regularly, and after each bath, you should help him dry the water in his ears, otherwise the water and the secreted oil will be smothered in his ears, which will become a breeding ground for bacteria. Dogs that often walk outside close to the ground are more likely to run into something unclean in their ears. If your dog’s ears are not clean and moist, bacteria will easily grow and cause inflammation inside your dog’s ears. The method is as follows.


Flip your dog’s ears open and gently press the ears to make the area that needs ear hair more visible.

Sprinkle ear powder (for pets) in your dog’s ears to make every ear hair clearer and better plucked.

External ear hairs are first plucked using the index finger and thumb for the first pass.

After plucking the ear hairs with your fingers, it’s time to use the ear cleaner to carefully remove each ear hair. Since your dog’s ears are not structured in such a way that they are not all in one hole, you will need to adjust the direction of the clip slightly to avoid hurting your dog. You can try to slow down the action of the newbie plucking hair, so as not to be too rude and hurt the dog will be bad ~ ~ ~

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