Eels are what we call eels. They are also called snake fish in some places because of their snake-like shape, but they do not have scales and usually live in mud holes and some rock crevices at the water’s edge. Nowadays, eels are also a delicacy on people’s table, and many people are raising eels on a large scale to get rich. Let’s learn more about eels now.

What Eels Eat

Eels are mainly meat-eating but omnivorous fish. In the wild, eels mainly eat small fish, shrimps, mussels, snails, frogs, tadpoles and some large plankton, and sometimes they also eat some plants such as duckweed. For artificial eels, they are generally fed fresh feed such as earthworms, small fish and shrimps, animal offal and fruit peels, etc. They must not be fed with food that has deteriorated. It is best to feed the food in the form of pellets, the size of which should be determined by the size of the eel, and it is generally best if the eel can swallow it in one bite.

What Eels Eat

Eels have severely degraded eyesight and are most active at night, so they rely mainly on their sense of smell to forage for food. When food is close to their mouths, they open their mouths and swallow the food without chewing, and if it is a large food, they will bite it and break it off by rotating their bodies. In the peak season of eel feeding, if the feed is not enough, they will kill each other, especially the eels that like to eat smaller than themselves. Therefore, when feeding, you should not mix the size of eels together and put more food in their peak feeding season, otherwise they will cause losses to themselves.

What Eels Eat

Eels will not die even if they do not eat for a long time. In summer, when they are more active, they eat more but are more resistant to hunger, so their weight will be significantly reduced at this time. Eels have a strict choice of feed, and after feeding one kind of feed for a long time, it is difficult to change their original food habits, so you should make a good choice of feed in the early stage of feeding.

Well, if you keep eels in a large area, you must pay attention to the choice of feed, otherwise it will be difficult to change the feed for them after they get used to one kind of feed.

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