The French Bulldog is a silly, goofy little dog with a lively, loyal and quiet personality. In our life, it can be said that it is hot, and people who have it are familiar with it! We all know that eating is very important for any creature, naturally, in terms of food, will be very careful. What does a French bulldog eat is healthier for the body?

What French Bulldogs Eat

French bulldogs have a high desire for meat, they especially love to eat meat, but eating meat alone can not meet the nutritional needs of their bodies Oh. When buying dog food, carefully browse through the material ratio table, take a look at the proportion of meat, and then with some fresh fruits and vegetables to meet the nutritional needs of the dog’s body. When feeding your dog, don’t indulge them too much to eat, bulldogs are afraid of obesity inside, mobility, and unhealthy. Give the dog with nutritionally balanced food, to meet the nutrients they need, naturally will grow healthy.

What French Bulldogs Eat

We know that the French bulldog’s body odor is still a little heavy, it may be because the dog eating food did not pay attention to, eat a stimulating, fishy, cheap food, which leads to the dog’s feces, body odor serious. This time to pay strict attention to the dog’s diet, the correct choice of dog food, in the choice of the dog loves to eat a high proportion of fresh meat in addition to the dog food, but also can be selected to account for the proportion of coarse grains more points, crude fiber can protect the stomach, stomach, this way the dog’s body odor will naturally be reduced.

What French Bulldogs Eat

Give the dog a staple food, but also a relative degree of supplemental vitamins and liquid calcium for dogs, do not recommend calcium tablets, calcium tablets are not well absorbed. Other than that, it is not recommended to give the French bulldogs to eat seafood, beans, mushrooms, sweets, bones, spicy fishy salty food, will cause gastrointestinal discomfort in dogs, and seriously lead to poisoning. There are also some vegetables, fruits, although healthy, but, seeded, sweet portions of more than one can not be greedy to eat, will inevitably cause diarrhea Oh.

If you want to raise a French Bulldog, you still need to put in some effort and do more homework, don’t let it get sick and eat bad food, so that you can have a cute and healthy baby French Bulldog.

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