Pekingese, also known as Pekingese, is a royal poodle and one of the oldest breeds of dogs in China, with a history of more than 4,000 years. Pekingese are very compact in body structure, but very light in weight. Male adult Pekingese will not exceed 5kg, female adult Pekingese will not exceed 5.5kg, is the so-called short and fat body, limbs developed, but still can mix the wind and water. But many friends who raise Pekingese dogs reflect that they will not raise them and do not know what to feed them. This small make up just know one or two, now write down for you to see the reference.

What do Pekingese eat

We usually feed Pekingese, should be mainly meat food, after all, Pekingese is also mixed in the court, real carnivores. We can use to feed the dog meat to Beijing have these: chicken, fish, beef and so on, still have to make sure that the meat is fresh, fish for thorn, feeding amount will according to the step size to determine in dogs, and the most appropriate is 180-220 grams, can not feed too much food, or you will make Beijing the dogs get fat, lose their lovely ~ glorious image

What do Pekingese eat

Of course, the Pekingese is fed different foods at different ages. It is best to give the Pekingese breast milk before weaning, which is a guarantee for the little Pekingese. When it grows to about two months old, it can be fed dog food, but the dog food must be selected balanced enough nutrition, and good palatability of the dog food, soaked in warm water after soft feed to the dog.

Before the Pekingese is half a year old, its digestive system is very fragile, is in the period of development, at this time it is best not to give the dog snacks and other food other than the main meal, especially the human meal.

What do Pekingese eat

After about eight months, Pekingese can be fed adult dog food, like the meat we mentioned earlier. However, dogs also like people, is the need to supplement vitamin, so also appropriate to Pekingese dog supplement fruits, vegetables and so on.

The above feeding method each novice SEE can refer to OW ~ hand feeding a white fat and cute smart little guy, think of a sense of accomplishment full!

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