When the cat head wound, the cat owner should pay more attention to some, you can first look at the cat’s wound is not serious, if the cat owner can not handle the wound, send the cat to the veterinary hospital, so that the veterinarian to help the cat, if only a small wound, the cat owner can promptly clean the wound and then bandaged up. After that, you have to give your cat good nutrition so that the wound can recover faster, here is a specific look at how to do.


1、Clean the wound for the cat

The cat owner should pay attention to cleaning the cat’s wound when he finds it injured, so that the cat will be more comfortable. The cat owner can first look at the cat’s wound to see if there is anything unclean such as sand, and if there is, disinfect it with hydrogen peroxide. In addition, when cleaning the cat’s wound, the cat may struggle because of pain, it is recommended that the pet owner pay more attention to soothe the cat’s emotions, or use some snacks to divert the cat’s attention.

2、Bandage the cat’s wound

The pet owner has to dress the wound after the cat is cleaned, otherwise the cat will move around and touch the wound, and then the injury will be more serious. But before dressing or to cover the wound with a layer of pet quick close. Then use the cotton cloth to press the wound, use the tape to fix the cotton cloth, and then use the gauze to wrap the whole wound and the cotton cloth can be. Pet owners can also give their cats an Elizabethan collar to avoid the cat from scratching the wound with its claws.


3, give the cat to supplement the body of nutrition

When a cat is injured, the pet owner also needs to supplement the cat’s body with good nutrition, and can add some canned cat food and meat when feeding the cat food. Pet owners can also make some homemade nutritious cat meals to enrich the cat’s food if they have time, which helps the recovery of the wound.

Finally, note that when the cat is injured, the pet owner should not let the cat’s wound touch the water, nor let the cat have too intense exercise, and give it a quiet environment to recuperate properly.

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