We breed Yorkshire because they are cute, but they are also a pain in the ass. Although they can bring us a lot of joy, but for the sake of the harmony of the neighborhood, we can best make them know how to shut up, here are six tips to make your Yorkshire quiet.


1. Reward.Ring the bell when Yorkshire barks, give him a snack when Yorkshire stops barking, and remember to praise Yorkshire. Over time, Yorkshire will naturally quiet down when he hears the bell. But training, it always takes a little time, the owner must be persistent and persistent.

2. Punishment.Spray Yorkshire with a water gun when he barks incessantly. This is a tried and true method for a dog like Yorkshire. Remember: Never spray a water gun into Yorkshire’s ears.

3. Movement.Yorkshire barking furiously is too much energy. Let Yorkshire exercise, can consume Yorkshire’s physical strength, but also to make it mentally satisfied. When you are tired of playing, you will naturally sleep well, which has so much energy to howl. However, this method may be a little less effective on natural athletes like Spotted and Golden Retrievers.

4. Ignore.Yorkshire barks sometimes to get the owner’s attention. If you turn away and don’t listen, Yorkshire will feel like making a nuisance of herself and quit. Remember to use this trick during the day if you are still in training, the neighbors will collapse at night.

5. Distraction.Sometimes Yorkshire barks out of boredom, so you can tease him with his favorite toy or bone while he barks furiously, and then you’ll find that Yorkshire will immediately run for his toy and you’ll be “left” alone.

6. Noise stimulation.Yorkshire’s hearing is particularly sensitive, and some stronger noises may be too much for them to bear. So, when Yorkshire is barking, you can give it back a more intense noise and stimulate it a few times to basically stop it.

But owners should not punish or scold Yorkshire for its love of barking, seeing as Yorkshire is such a small dog that brings so much joy to everyone, they must give them some more patience, as long as it takes time, I believe that Yorkshire will be able to quiet down.

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