Spring is coming, everything is recovering, the haze has been slowly dispersed in our country, all over the gradual resumption of work and production, people also began to take their families to enjoy the flowers. Of course, pet lovers will go out to play with their beloved pets, here to remind everyone to do the following points of protection, so that the furry it away from harm.


First, gas prices have fallen, and driving for pleasure has become a popular choice, but it can also pose a hidden danger to your pets.

1, We want to avoid leaving our pets in the car in hot weather, even if the windows are open, the inside of a car parked in the sun can reach 160 degrees or more, which can lead to heatstroke resulting in brain damage or even death.

2. Traveling is a pleasant time, but please avoid letting your pet hang its head out the window. Wind can cause ear infections and debris can get in the eyes.

3. Once you arrive home safely, be aware that sometimes antifreeze may leak from the car engine. Pets lick this harmful liquid due to the sweet taste of antifreeze.

II. Preventing water hazards to pets

1, do not let your pet drink water indiscriminately. Because we don’t know if the water outside contains hazardous substances inside.

2. If you are going to the beach, or a stagnant water area, it is best to bring enough drinking water for your pet.

Third, sunscreen on sunny days

1, try not to interrupt the pet’s hair. It is wrong to cool your pet in your opinion, because the pet’s fur prevents the skin from being sunburned.

2, Bring sunscreen for your short-haired pet. Because pets can get sunburned too, especially around the nose and ears.

Fourth, watch out for fertilizers for lawn plants, rodenticides, herbicides or pesticides, etc. Pets may ingest these toxic items while playing.

Fifth, there is a lot of wildlife in the spring, and pets that come in contact with them are likely to contract parasites; screen pets frequently for fleas and wall ticks to mitigate the likelihood of the spread of t mites, Lyme disease, and other infections.

If you love your pet, pay attention to these details and enjoy a fun and healthy spring with your pet.

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