“The flowers in the small garden of the Show Fans have experienced a few gusts of wind and an autumn rain, and have become somewhat scattered and depressed. “The flowering period has come to an end, and I should be satisfied that I can last this long.” Although Jin Zi’s words expressed a self-compassionate mood, a few wisps of melancholy inevitably still floated in the air at this time. “Ah, look!” I pointed to a small white flowerpot in the corner. The blackened soil was adorned with a number of tender green branches and leaves, and to my delight, right in the middle of this tender green was a yellowish bud just waiting to burst forth. The careful florist had labeled each pot with their name, and this one was called ‘Blooming Face’.

I have been in contact with Shi Wenchao a few times, and I feel that he has a special temperament, which is different from other people’s impatience, and different from other people’s negativity. This may be what we often call positive energy. If I were to summarize a few key words for Shi Wenchao, the ones that come to mind are: child, unique, sincere, progressive, and lion-hearted. He’s not old, but he’s been in the industry for a long time, and if he can be called fresh blood in the industry, he’s also a representative of the “Beat Generation” that’s trying to disprove it.


in vino veritas

I met the Bellingdon Terrier at the “Tiu Liang – Show Fans First Dog Puller Training Course”, and it really looked like a sheep, with a curly coat, a fluffy and cute demeanor, but with a firm eye, I could see the stubbornness of a terrier dog. Along the leash I began to pay attention to its owner Shi Wenchao, twenty-five, twenty-six years old, not tall, wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, slightly curly short hair, not too much grooming, is the classroom in the appearance of a good student. This was my first impression of Shi Wenchao. On the day of the graduation ceremony, teachers and students gathered for dinner, which, of course, inevitably led to the exchange of drinks and mutual conversation. When some of them were already slightly drunk, they went on to the next good activity for the body and mind: Karaoke.

KTV room, people are still three or two clusters into a pile, there are playing the color, there is a toast to each other, there is no lack of a few with a cell phone frequently brush microblogging, this time stationed in front of the jukebox I had to be back as a microphone. A few songs sung, only to see a gentlemanly boy raised his glass over, walked to the gap between Hong Mo and me, the original compact seat, became a little crowded. He raised his glass in the face of Hong Mo, to propose a toast to him, I continued to flip through the a la carte song list. Without realizing it, I turned my head to look at this gentlemanly boy, who is the owner of “Sheepdog” Berrington, Shi Wenchao. I thought he was just a ceremonial toast will leave, hey, who knows this buddy since sitting here chatting, will be unable to stop, most of the time on the field stayed here, talking to the excitement, while mixed with exaggerated gestures, while the amplitude of the gestures with the torso is also twisted up, poor me was squeezed to the edge of the seat, he still does not know. At that time, I secretly thought, heh, this buddy seems to be drunk ah! That was my second impression of him.

Soon my third impression of him struck me in a state of subversion. It was also that he was exaggerating his gestures and writhing his body in a telling manner, when I heard a passage that he said to ICPD. What kind of expression was that? It was very much like the elation of a child in search of knowledge, who had found his own direction in the vast sea of learning; it was also the true telling of a big boy eager to share this joy. “On the second day of class, when I returned to my lodging, I wailed; for so many years I had wanted to know what was wrong and what was right. Problems that have plagued me for so many years, and I finally found a way to solve them.” What an important thing in his life it has to be to make a big ol’ man wail and cry. Not to mention how much he had really realized on his quest for knowledge, this obsession and belligerence alone smacked one in the face. Alcohol effect let him change the gentleman frank expression, is drunken words but the truth.


Bow Tie for the Race

When he was 15 years old, Shi Wenchao entered the first dog show of his life. He was so excited to take his dog to the competition that he realized years later how silly he had been. I can imagine what it must have been like for a kid to walk into the ring wearing a sweater, carrying a number plate, wearing a hat, and holding a dog, unable to contain his awe at what was in front of him. “Anyway, it was really especially silly at the time, not realizing that you had to wear formal attire to compete, and it wasn’t until ’05 or ’06 that I reacted. At that time, when I saw other people wearing suits and ties, and the leash handlers had standardized their movements, I just envied them.”

I saw him again this year at the CKU headquarters exhibition field. Straight black suit, pink shirt collar embedded with a black bow tie, refined and dignified, curly short hair, the bridge of the nose is still the same pair of black-framed glasses, this outfit, let Shi Wenchao metamorphosed from a hairy young man into a gentleman. “Ooh, spry enough.” I went up to greet him. He smiled nervously and said, “Yes, I have to do it every time I compete.” Looking down, the Belington named “Melanie” stood quietly and loyally beside him, and I could see a little gentleman ready to follow his master to show off his skills on the field.

At this point, I turned to Moses and casually asked, “Why do all the competing handlers have to wear formal attire?” Moses threw three words at me, “Respect the competition, respect the judges, and respect yourself.” I realized that it was a kind of overlap with what Shi Wenchao said, “I didn’t react until 05 or 06”. Because of the black bowtie on the course, and the 3 phrases Moses gave me, I made a corresponding correlation between the race and the result. With respect, perhaps it’s possible to have a sense of divine purpose for success.

The results were very pleasing to Shi Wenchao, whose “Melanie” and “Trudy” took all the prizes in the Bellingdon Terrier competition in the three races at the 2012 CKU Headquarters Show. Melanie” and “Trudy” won all the awards in the Belington Terrier competition. “Melanie won BOB, Trudy won BOS, and Melanie was awarded first place in this year’s single breed ranking. Melanie” has now successfully landed in the CKU Association of China under Shi Wenchao’s leadership, and has become the only bitch in China to land the Belington Championship. Before that, Shi Wenchao’s other beloved dog “Alan” completed his CKU landing at the age of 15 months. Currently, Shi Wenchao’s Tiandi Yue Cheng Kennel is the kennel with the largest number of Bellingdon Landing Champions.

The moment he received the award, Shi Wenchao’s face showed a genuine smile, trophies and flowers reflecting such a smile. After being congratulated by his flock of friends, he took a break and dialed the phone, excitedly telling the other person something. I thought, it must be his lover. Shortly afterward, his lover rewrote her QQ signature – “How can I describe my current mood? Langfang CKU Headquarters Exhibition, ‘Melanie’ BOB, junior ‘Trudy’ BOS, this competition is no longer ours alone, I look forward to the next more exciting. Way to go, my boys.”


Cold Breed Enthusiasts

In 1998, Shi Wenchao began to learn about dog breeding from his parents. Due to the lack of immunization at that time, the dog owned by Shi Wenchao’s parents had distemper. When a child sees his usual playmate lose energy and become depressed due to the disease, the image of a responsible man who wants to protect and care for him rises up inside him. Shi Wenchao concluded that it was that feeling that made him realize that his future life was inseparable from owning a dog.

Shi Wenchao’s choice to breed the Belington Terrier had a lot to do with the love of his life, who saw the dog for the first time at a competition in early 2010 and was captivated by its sheep-like demeanor. It’s a case of falling in love and wanting to get it, I guess. A week later, they had their first Berrington Terrier. In their happiness, the two began to learn and research about the Belington Terrier, and as a result, problems arose. The dog had a lot of deviations from the Belington standard. They calmed down and studied for a while, then introduced a second Belington Terrier, and after that, it was all over, and the kennel now has a total of 30 to 40 Belington Terriers bred in the kennel.

If you want to talk about cold dog breeds, the Belington Terrier is definitely one of them. It is said to be cold, not only because of the domestic breeding of this terrier dog is very few people, but also by the people named “alien dog”, “sheep dog” and other nicknames and little known its true identity. When they decided to breed Behringtons, many friends in the industry had also discouraged him, suggesting that he breed a different kind of dog, because it is quite difficult to improve this breed in China. However, love is love, and this is an unchangeable fact, and it is inevitable to regret not following one’s heart. Therefore, whenever a voice of discouragement floats through their ears, they will look at each other with a smile and give each other an affirmative answer. Of course, because of Belington, their lives have had some interesting hiccups, for example, once Shi Wenchao and his beloved Mengmeng led it to the vegetable market, and passing by an old lady and her granddaughter, the little granddaughter said aloud to the old lady, “Look, grandma, that sister is holding a goat!”

Difficulties do exist, which they actually know better than anyone else. However, over the years, we have always seen a very positive and hard-working Shi Wenchao who is trying to find ways to learn about dog breeding, rather than someone who complains too much. Frankly speaking, I was touched by his sincerity. I hope he understands the meaning of “no end to learning”, but BOB and BOS are just another beginning, and I hope he will put the end of the line at the end of the line, and keep his mindset to keep moving forward.


There are expertise about the Berrington Terrier dog that I consulted with Svengali buddy Dan Dan.

Drop: Please list a few characteristics of the Berrington Terrier;

Dandan: A breed that looks like a sheep but has a heart like a lion, with strong characteristics of a fighting heart. So many people call it a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Although it is a terrier, it has a soft coat. The back is arched. It can change color. It is black when it is born, and becomes gray-blue when it becomes an adult. It is born in brown color and becomes liver color in adulthood.

Falling: please list a few problems with the Berrington Terrier;

DANDEN: Bellington Terriers, themselves, are a body odorless, relatively immune breed. But they love to get some coccidia and toxoplasmosis. This is an internal worm that other breeds don’t love to get. There is also the fact that the skin is more sensitive. Easy to get skin diseases, and as soon as the skin is injured, the color of the hair will return to the color of the fetal hair.

Falling: the origin of the Bellington Terrier;

DANDY: Originally produced in Rothbury, England and called the Rothbury Terrier, it was heavier-bodied and shorter-footed than current breeds and was used to hunt foxes, hares and badgers. It is said that a Bedlington Terrier was produced by mating with a Bedlington bitch in 1825.

Falling: What do I need to know about breeding a Berrington Terrier?

Dan Dan: Because the Berrington is also a medium sized dog, it is important to have plenty of space. Enough exercise. Also the Belington is a non-shedding and grooming-needy breed, so it must be groomed and bathed regularly to take care of its coat.

Falling: what deficiencies are most likely to cause a Belington Terrier in the field to be out of frame.

Dandan: Bad teeth bite.

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