With a head of long hair is affectionately known as the “little old man” of the Schnauzer, is more popular with the people of a favorite pet dog. That as a loving dog breeders, feeding has been a problem that can not be sloppy, in addition to feeding some dog food, but also want to feed some other food, but do not know what food is the chennai can not eat. Therefore, I will address this issue today.

What the Schnauzer can't eat

Speaking of food can not give the dog to eat, the first is chocolate, is simply the dog world in all the dog food in the first killer, if the chennai accidentally accidentally eat, then there will be spasms, epilepsy and incontinence of the situation, serious will be directly killed. Although a little bit is not a big reaction, but often or feed the amount of a lot, will certainly appear this situation, chocolate contains substances will have serious damage to the dog’s nervous system.

What the Schnauzer can't eat

There is another kind of food is people think the dog likes to chew bones, although the dog is like, but the breeders once did not pay attention to good, bones are also will take the dog’s life. Although some people now know that you can not feed sharp bones to the dog, but will still give the big bones to the dog to chew, but do not know that the dog chewed bones in the stomach and intestines like a time bomb, once accidentally punctured intestines or blocked, will lead to chennai internal hemorrhage and death.

What the Schnauzer can't eat

Furthermore, leftovers containing salt should not be fed to the Schnauzer. Because dogs can not eat food containing too much salt, will increase the burden on the dog’s stomach and kidneys, to a certain extent, will lead to disease and shorten life. You should not feed raw food or liver to your Schnauzer, as the bacteria on raw food, especially meat, are not tolerated by the dog’s stomach, and too much greasy food affects the dog’s health.

Then there are some snacks drinks and fruits can not be fed to the Schnauzer, especially drinks containing alcohol can cause poisoning, and fruits such as mango, cinnamon and pineapple, prunes can not be fed, will lead to allergies and diarrhea.

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