Turtle eye inflammation is usually due to water quality, poor water quality may lead to turtle eye infection red swelling. At this time you can use chloramphenicol eye drops to turtle eyes, 3-4 times a day, 1-2 drops a time, generally a few days to relieve the symptoms of turtle eye inflammation. If there are no symptoms for a long time after medication, it is recommended to go to a pet hospital for treatment. At the same time, the water should be changed frequently, so as to effectively avoid the recurrence of this situation.

The cause of eye inflammation in turtles

Turtles belong to the reptile aquatic animals, the occurrence of eye inflammation often occurs in the summer when the weather is hot, or when the water quality is not good. At this time the turtle may appear eyes can not open, eyes bloodshot, eyes red and swollen, this situation represents the turtle’s eyes have inflammation, need to be treated as soon as possible.

How is turtle eye inflammation treated

Treatment of turtle eye inflammation, you can use chloramphenicol eye drops to the turtle eye for treatment. Can DROP ABOUT 3 TIMES A DAY, 1 TO 2 drops each time, GIVE the TORTOISE chloramPHENICol eye drops do not rush into the water, let the tortoise stand still in a dry place for 10 minutes before putting into the water.

How to prevent turtle eye inflammation

First, strengthen feeding management, keep the water clean, keep the temperature of the water. When the weather heats up, replace the water immediately after feeding to avoid food spoilage and water pollution. Second, you can feed some turtles like to eat animal liver, strengthen the constitution of the turtle nutrition, reduce the possibility of inflammation of the turtle eyes. Third, pay attention to the amount of food, in order to prevent the turtle can not eat the food in the water breeding bacteria, you can use less food to feed.

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