Pomeranian is too clingy? Pomeranian is too clingy, first of all to train its independence, usually can take more Pomeranian out, encourage it to play with other dogs; Secondly, when the dog is clingy barking, the owner had better ignore it, let it know that barking can not get the owner’s attention.

1, training independence

For clingy pomeranians, daily spoil the independence of the master can train a dog, the owner can pretend to go out, say you want to go out to the dog before going out to call it darling, tell it to you back soon, and then leave, and then five minutes on the way home, a dog will not make it rewards snacks, and then leave, go home but interval longer, this training more than a few times, As each visit gets longer and longer, the dog’s independence grows.

2. Encourage communication

Encourage the Pomeranian to play with other dogs while walking the dog. When the dog has its own kind of playmate, the dog will have a more ‘enriched’ entertainment life and become more cheerful and less clingy to its owner.

3. Ignore it

Pomeranian is very smart, know how to do the master will not leave, some of the melted pet master, because a dog dog will keep call, will not leave, so the dog will form a fixed thinking, just call the master will not leave, so it is sometimes in the face of the dog dog, don’t have to go to ignore it, master threw cold water on the dog, let the dog know, is not a call, The master will certainly stay, if not corrected, fixed thinking will be difficult to leave.

4. Prepare snacks

Can give the Pomeranian homemade snacks at ordinary times, do not eat snacks to reward the dog dog directly, so the dog will soon finished, will stick with you, you can find a bottle is empty, don’t put in snacks, to open the small mouth, dew point of snacks, and then give the dog to play, eat play, where still manage to stick you both to let the dog dog not clingy, It also helps dogs get exercise and kill two birds with one stone.

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