It is not normally recommended to give fruit to rabbits. It is generally recommended that rabbit food, good forage and vegetables be the main sources of nutrients in the daily diet of rabbits. Since rabbits are herbivorous animals, their body metabolism and digestion need a large amount of cellulose, and high-quality forage and rabbit food can provide enough cellulose and vitamin, can meet the energy needs of rabbits.

What do rabbits eat

Rabbits are herbivores and eat mainly vegetarian food. Rabbit can select clover grass, timothy grass, cabbage, carrot, hay, sweet potatoes, squash, spinach, cucumber, dandelion, etc., it is important to note can’t eat foods high in water content, to the rabbit to rabbit enteritis, feeding should also give priority to with rabbit food at ordinary times, can provide the rabbit with nutrition and energy for the growth and activity.

Food for rabbits

Rabbit food is different at different ages. First, young rabbits, it is recommended to eat special food for young rabbits, young rabbits have just cut off breast milk, the intestinal tract is fragile, eat young rabbit food for its intestinal tract, nutrition is more comprehensive and balanced. In addition, you can also eat some clover, remember not to feed fresh vegetables or grass, it is likely to cause diarrhea, leading to death. Two, adult rabbit, can eat adult rabbit food, and can eat some grass, a small amount of fruit, or water is not high vegetables, and some molars.

How much food does the rabbit feed every day

The amount of food a rabbit needs to feed is related to its physique, appetite and food variety. If the rabbit is in the young period, usually need to feed 3-5 times a day, a roughly about 30-50g rabbit food, if the rabbit belongs to the large species, need to increase. Generally for the rabbit feeding is the rabbit food directly placed in the grain basin, until the next feeding time will not eat it can be replaced.

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