Keeping a turtle may be a preference that more people have shown in recent years, because tortoises are not as active or present as other pets. But there are still a lot of people like it this quiet, and is to see it slowly crawling action, feel their fast-paced life will slow down with the same. But now there are also a lot of people have doubts: grass turtle a good or a good pair? In fact, this question is very simple, please read the details.

One good turtle or a pair

In fact, if you have the confidence to raise a good turtle, and there are such turtle conditions at home, raising a few grass turtle does not matter. If you have never raised grass turtle, all the start is zero, then it is best to raise a, so what is the problem, they also have experience to take care of.

In fact, grass turtles can live alone, they need a pair of breeding time together, usually most of the time is to bask in the sun, their activities. So don’t be afraid to say it will be lonely, and breed a pair in the first place.

One good turtle or a pair

In addition, grass turtle for the living environment or some pay attention to, in the feeding is must consider its living environment, to have enough space for its activities, and the turtle in winter, is the need to hibernate. Hibernation needs the environment temperature is also very strict requirements, if you are not sure how to raise a good, you can first raise a.

There are turtles in the process of growth, there will be desquamation and other normal physiological conditions, the owner in seeing these conditions, as long as silent observation is good, do not start to desquamation for the turtle, it may hurt their skin, serious may let them infection skin decay, etc.

In terms of food, if you can’t do it yourself, you can buy some of the necessary portions of grass turtles and feed them regularly according to the regulations. But don’t be lazy, a lot of feeding, capricious feeding. What the tortoise is not what we think so tenacious, if you don’t have so much time, or the best to give up feeding.

One good turtle or a pair

The above is a simple introduction to the problem of “grass turtle raise one or a pair”. I hope the above problem can get everyone’s attention. At the same time, Xiaobian also reminds you that any animal is a life, if you are not sure to feed it, it is best not to be too reluctant.

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