If you have a cat in the house, there is nothing more annoying than persistent cat urine. You need to clean carefully to get rid of the smell. Today, I share with you some tips to solve your headache.

Use an old towel or paper towel and press until there is no yellow urine on the towel or paper towel. If the urine is dry, ignore this step.

How does cat urine taste purify

Use detergents, those that contain hyosamine are best, they break down the protein in urine and reduce the smell of urine. Areas with cat urine can be moistened with detergent and left in a place to dry.

Use vinegar mixture solution, this homemade solution is also a good natural product for deodorizing. You can put it in a watering can and spray it on the place where there is cat urine. The scope of spraying can be wider.

If it is for hard ground cleaning, you can buy a special cleaning cat urine, first wipe the spot clean, then pour water and bleach into the watering can to spray, and finally wipe.

How does cat urine taste purify

Cat urine on clothes can be washed with apple cider vinegar household dish soap, if it still does not come off, can put a little enzyme to wash again.

When the cat pee stain is gone, it may stink. Sprinkle baking soda on the supplies. This is a natural cleaner that will not only clean but also remove the smell.

If it is a large carpet in the home, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the stains, the vacuum cleaner to wash the stains on the surface, and then use the water suction machine to clean, it can not only wet the carpet, but also very good cleaning, with cold water effect will be better.

How does cat urine taste purify

Now that we know how to clean our cats, it’s important that we teach them how to toilet properly. Repeatedly teach them to go to the toilet and yell at them when they make a mistake. Cats are very clever, you teach them a few times, they will soon learn. The cat litter at home needs to be changed once a week, it is too dirty, cats do not like it, cats are relatively clean animals, so they will choose a clean place for defecation, cat litter can buy some cats like the taste.

I hope today’s share has been helpful.

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