How do you groom a Shiba Inu? We all know that Shiba Inu’s coat is not well taken care of, so grooming is essential, so what to do daily? The following is a list of Shiba Inu breeding tips.

Shiba Inu breeding tips:

Be sure to give your Shiba Inu a shot.

In order to prevent rabies or other germs from Shiba Inu, we need to get it checked and registered when we have it. Give the Shiba Inu a vaccination for the health of the Shiba Inu and also so that we don’t get sick from keeping the Shiba Inu. However, many rural areas don’t have this habit, and many Shiba Inu carry germs, so if we want to keep Shiba Inu and for our own health, we must give Shiba Inu a vaccination.

Needs to be caged or chained for rearing

The biggest difference between Shiba Inu and other dogs is that their temperament is usually not very good and they can hurt people easily. So when we keep Shiba Inu, we try to keep them in cages or chained up, after all, safety comes first, especially if you have children at home, or if you have frequent visitors, try not to keep them loose.

You need to prepare the Shiba Inu’s favorite food dog food and try not to give it too much meat

When we raise Shiba Inu, don’t give it raw meat, if you want to eat meat, you need to eat cooked meat, and as little as possible to give Shiba Inu meat, because Shiba Inu if you eat too much meat, it’s very easy to get enteritis, which is a hurdle for Shiba Inu, and a lot of Shiba Inu can’t get through this hurdle. So we’d better prepare dog food for Shiba Inu, which can ensure the nutrition and health of Shiba Inu, and the way to get it is also relatively simple.


During the Shiba Inu shedding season, take care to brush your Shiba Inu’s coat every day

When Shiba Inu change season, it will gradually retire the previous hair and grow new hair to adapt to the new environment now. We need to pay attention to the season of shedding, we must comb the Shiba Inu’s hair every day, and it’s best to use the special comb for Shiba Inu to comb it, so as to avoid the Shiba Inu to run around and make the hair that all over, and mess up the environment, so must pay attention to the combing of the hair.

Shiba Inu needs to be bathed frequently

Because the Shiba Inu’s living environment, after all, is not as clean as ours, and they don’t bathe themselves. So for the health and cleanliness of Shiba Inu, and also for the cleanliness of our environment, less smell, we need to give Shiba Inu a frequent bath, we can use shampoo and other clean things, and have a comb to comb, will Shiba Inu clean and dress up a little bit better oh. You can wash them once every 7 or 10 days.

Shiba Inu needs to be fixed in a convenient position and cleaned with care

Shiba Inu’s raising, if it is indoor need to pay attention to give its convenient place, pad a dog convenient mat, door opening, cultivate Shiba Inu to go outside to facilitate the habit. We also need to pay attention to always make sure that the Shiba Inu after the convenience, go to clean the convenience of the feces, to keep the environment clean, so as not to dog mess that all, but also easy to breed bacteria, people and dogs are susceptible to disease, so be sure to clean, the smell can be bad.

Need to give Shiba Inu a comfortable environment for sleeping and resting

To keep a Shiba Inu we need to set up the Shiba Inu’s den properly. If it is outdoors it needs to be protected from rain, wind, light and padded to give the Shiba Inu a comfortable environment. If the Shiba Inu is indoors, the main thing is the beauty and comfort of the Shiba Inu’s kennel, we need to give the Shiba Inu a waterproof and soft mat, so that it will be more comfortable to sleep and rest.

Shiba Inus need to be given the right amount of exercise, and care

We also need to play with the Shiba Inu often because the Shiba Inu only has us to be friends with, we can’t let the Shiba Inu feel lonely and we need to have more relationships in general. Because exercise is one of the ways to care for Shiba Inu, and we must be present when Shiba Inu exercise to avoid hurting people. We can walk with Shiba Inu, play frisbee, chase and so on, all are very good to ensure Shiba Inu have a healthy body and good mood.