March 17, Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. A number of people were seized by the police for gathering a crowd to gamble.And the source of the leads.It was actually a pet dog.

That afternoon, the police saw a pet dog skulking alone on the side of the road without a leash.


The police would like to remind dog owners to observe the rules of civilized dog ownership.So follow the puppy to theIn front of a house.But then I heard a voice from the house.The sound of playing mahjong.


On closer inspection, all six people in the room were not wearing masks. Four people playing cards and two people watching.


The pet dog belonged to the man, Zhao, and the other five were his friends. Everyone held back for a long time, did not hold back and got together to play cards.

I didn’t expect the pet dog to draw the police.


Currently, Zhao and six others are being prosecuted for refusing to implement the people’s government. Decisions and orders issued in accordance with the law during a state of emergency. Received an administrative penalty of a fine of 200 yuan.

What a great justice and joy.

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