The biggest problem of having a pet dog is the problem of peeing around when it’s young, so you need to put some effort into teaching your pet dog how to go to the toilet at regular intervals when it first arrives home so that you can save a lot of effort, and I’ll share with you the 5 little ways below.

1. Preparing the toilet


The first step is to prepare a toilet for your pet dog, this location must make it feel secure, then go on top of its toilet and put a pee pad on it, this will make it easier for you to clean it, make sure to let it get more familiar with its toilet, so that it can get used to it more quickly.

2、Mastering the pet dog’s point in time


Generally the pet dog will eat and drink enough time, or when it just woke up, are the need to defecate, when the pet dog appeared to circle the ground, or on the ground sniffing around, it is it want to go to the toilet precursor, this time to immediately go to guide it on its own toilet to defecate.

3. Let it memorize the password


Pet dogs are actually very smart, after guiding it to the right place, this is the time you have to say the command to let it go to the toilet, if it is lucky that it performs it at the beginning, remember that this is the time you must go to praise it and repeat it to train it so that it develops the awareness.

4. Rewards and penalties


If after getting used to defecating in his own toilet, he suddenly doesn’t go to his own toilet one day to defecate, you have to criticize him right away, and at the same time clean up the poop in this place to let him know that it’s wrong, and if he defecates in the dog’s toilet, you have to reward him right away, so that he will remember it better.

5. Feeding


In the training of the pet dog defecation, must have patience, after all, this is not a day or two can be trained, and feeding convenient to do regular quantitative, which allows you to more accurately to estimate the convenience of your pet dog time, training, then it will be more worrying a little.

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