The cat master’s home is so large that he has to make several rounds of his territory every day. In principle, there is no place in the master’s house where the masters are not broad enough to go! However, there was one place that was really an exception.

Kitchen – should be an absolute no-go area for cats, off-limits.

No, I should say, never let the kittens set foot here!

How dangerous is the kitchen to cats?

The kitchen, with its electricity, knives, guns, sticks, and toxic materials, is a danger zone. Think that’s an exaggeration? But for kittens, it’s true!

Open flames, steam and all sources of heat!

When you turn on the heat to cook, are gas flames dangerous to meowers? Of course! But do cats stay away just because it’s dangerous? Not necessarily ……

In fact, it’s not uncommon for many cats to be curious about sparks but not have a B-count on themselves, resulting in burning their fur.

And it’s not just the fire that’s the source of heat in the kitchen – the steam from a rice cooker, kettle, or the seemingly inconspicuous heat of a slow cooker can hurt a cat that’s curious to touch it or passes by unintentionally.

There are even cats who don’t accidentally fall into the pot of boiled dumplings!

Knives, glass, porcelain!

Have you ever seen a kitten juggling knives? If you did see it, it would probably be a time for blood on the floor.

Many people place knives on their countertops, which is likely to result in injury if a cat walks by and accidentally knocks them over.

And the worst would be breaking fragile items like china plates or glasses. The cat may be running and jumping around from the shock and could easily get a shard in its paw.


Food, spices, kitchen waste!

There are many human foods that cats cannot eat, such as onions and chocolate. Then there are various flavored powders and sauces. If the cat is allowed to enter the kitchen, and the curious one licks a few bites here and bites a few bites there, it will suffer from indigestion in the lightest case or poisoning in the worst case.

Some of these are not even eaten by kittens on purpose, but stick to the coat as they pass by and the cat instinctively licks it off.

In addition, if the cat has the habit of rummaging through the garbage can is even worse, most of the food waste is easy to rot and spoil, and it is easy to eat it and get an upset stomach.

There are more dangers than you can imagine.

There have been instances of cats burrowing into kitchen hood vents, although it’s not clear how they managed to yank the pipe down; and there have been cases where cats have taken an interest in the chemical cleaners in the kitchen, barfed a few mouthfuls, and had to be taken to the hospital as a result.

Overall, the kitchen, there is not one thing that is not dangerous to cats and requires special attention and vigilance!

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