For busy city dwellers who have been working all week, it’s nice to go to a cafe and have a cup of coffee after work on vacation.Relieve some of the stress of work.It’s a great way to empty your brain whileJerking off a cute meow.Why not?

1、Don’t feed your meow without the store owner’s permission.

In general.The owner of the cat cafe always feeds the meowers well.. At this time if the guests come, one person feeds the cat something, even if something cat will not have any problem eating something, alsoCan’t help but eat a lot.It can pose a health risk to the meow.

2、Be careful of cat hair fall problem during jerking cat

Many cat cafes will give footmuffs for guests to wear in order to ensure hygiene into the house, and then they will spray disinfectant on the guests’ hands to ensure the health of their cats. But because it isPlaces that have a lot of meowers should still be more careful when it comes to food, because of the possibility of accidentally eating cat hair.


3、Don’t tease the pet cat that doesn’t mean to come near you

Because there can be a lot of traffic in a cat cafe, some of theCats may be tired and need to rest after playing with previous guests for a long time.. At this time, if the guests who just came in and then tease these meowers there is a risk that the cat will be revolted and reach out its claws oh!

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