When a pet owner arrives at the store with their pet, the first thing they should do is give their beloved pet a once-over to see how it’s doing and fill out a pre-screening form, rather than having the owner bring the dog in and others leave right away.

Pre-screening is also an important part of store safety managementThe pet store needs to check all the parts of the pet’s body that should be checked in front of the customer (Hair, skin, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, toes, soles, lower abdomen, anus

After double-checking that there are no problems, you can proceed to the next step, and if you find a problem, you need toExplaining the situation to the customer in person in a timely manner and proposing solutionsBecause it’s the customer’s need to know how to solve it, not just inform him of the situation.

Where should I put my beloved pet while it waits to be washed and cared for?

Piper is veryIt is not recommended to leave pets on the ground, in a pool or in a store where they can walk around freely, there is a great safety hazard in doing so.

As well as waiting time without removing the collar and leash, because most pet stores now use stainless steel cages, doing so puts the pet at risk of the collar or leash getting stuck in the cracks of the cage, and a prolonged period of time can cause the pet to develop a stress reaction, and a severe stress reaction is very detrimental to the ensuing washing and care operation.

The correct way to do this is to remove the collar and leash and hang it on the side of the cage with the grooming sheet, which can also detail the dog’s condition.It allows the groomer to understand the client’s needs, etc., and also protects the pet better.


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