In people’s impression, the soft and lovely cat masters are most afraid of things is the water, every time the bath time they will become extraordinarily agitated, and some cats even direct fuss can not be wet their hair, so we think that all the cats are “dry duck”. But is this really true?


1. Acclimatize water-hating meowers to the water

Swimming with cats is the first step to eliminate their negative emotions, first let one of their feet touch the surface of the water, in shallow water environment can relax, make sure that there is no instability around. If the cat owner is very timid, it is recommended to put a life preserver on them, no matter how much it flops it will not be submerged by the water.

2. Use snacks or toys to lure the cat owner forward

After the cat stays in the water, the pooper scooper should not just tug on it to move it, beware of scaring the little guy, but should use a snack or toy to entice it to move. Smart cat owners know how to use their limbs to move smoothly in the water, it’s their instinct. You can place the toy in a closer position at first, and then throw it farther away once it gets used to it and let them find it on their own.


3. Remove the life preserver

When the cat master can swim freely in the water, the pooper scooper can remove the life preserver from its neck. Without the aid, the cat’s behavior will be more comfortable. When letting the cat play in the water, the pooper scooper can likewise play with it with toys to mobilize them.

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