Sterilization of male cats has many advantages: it can effectively reduce the risk of disease caused by estrus. Sterilized cats can avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, sterilization can prevent cats from running around because of excessive estrus. Reduce a lot of irritability of male cats during estrus and return to the original docile and clever. But it also has some disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of male cat sterilization

Sterilization of a male cat

1. It can reduce the occurrence of diseases. Because of its unique physiological structure, cats will bring many related diseases due to estrus and fertility. For male cats, it can avoid a series of problems such as adrenal hypertrophy and testicular tumor caused by estrus. On the other hand, male cats with excessive estrus are likely to have urinary system blockage, because there is likely to be secretion blockage. If the cat has been sterilized, it can solve this problem to a certain extent. Sterilization with cats can increase the health status of cats and is beneficial to the growth of cats.

After sterilization, cats secrete very little androgen, so they won’t always think about mating behavior. This will fundamentally reduce the diseases transmitted due to sexual behavior. For example: cat AIDS, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages of male cat sterilization

Sterilization can prevent the cat from getting lost due to running around in estrus.

The secretion of androgen will bring the cat emotional fluctuations, with symptoms of tension, irritability and loss of appetite. Sterilization can free the cat from these emotions. Return to the original docile living wave nature.

It can avoid the blind breeding behavior of cats, so as to control the number of stray cats and improve the quality of the surrounding environment.

Advantages and disadvantages of male cat sterilization

II. Disadvantages of male cat sterilization

1 increase the probability of obesity in cats. Because cats don’t have the desire and ability to always mate, many cats don’t want to move. They usually exercise very little, and if they eat wholeheartedly, they will become very able to eat. Then it’s particularly easy to get fat. Affect health and appearance.

2 the risk of urinary calculi is increased. In fact, this situation is mainly caused by diet and environmental problems. So this can be prevented by controlling diet management and maintaining environmental hygiene.

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