Cat litter is one of the must-have items for cats to live comfortably. In addition to choosing products that are comfortable for cats to use, most cat owners will also consider whether it is easy to handle. In the market, the materials are further divided into sawdust, paper sand, crystal, minerals and tofu sand. How to choose?


Buying points for purchasing cat litter

This section will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various types of cat litter from the four elements of deodorization, cleaning, price, and material.

Characteristics of different cat litter materials

At present, the common cat litter on the market is divided into five types: “paper sand”, “mineral sand”, “sawdust sand”, “tofu sand” and “crystal sand”. Please cooperate with your cleaning habits and choose the cat litter that is suitable for your baby!


Paper sand: lightweight and flushable

The paper sand has good absorption and is not easy to stick to the hair. It is not easy for the cat to fall out of the basin after going to the toilet; it can also be flushed directly into the toilet after use, which can keep the home environment hygienic. In addition, it is light in weight and very easy to carry. Even a person who lives alone and has less strength can easily carry it up and down the stairs.

However, because the paper sand contains absorbent polymers, there are cases where the toilets are clogged by the owners when handling, so please limit it to one sand block at a time. And don’t panic when it is really blocked, you can pour the salt into the toilet and wait for a while, or use the toilet unclogging device moderately.

Because the composition of mineral sand is similar to that of natural sand, it is easier for cats to adapt. Although its absorption is good, the particles are small and easy to stick to the cat’s feet, and the dust often scatters out of the litter box. Therefore, it is best to use a cat litter box with a higher wall, or lay a cleaning pad around it to avoid dirt. all over the place. In addition, many cat litter rely on bentonite to condense excrement. A small amount of accidental ingestion will not affect health. However, if the cat at home has the bad habit of eating cat litter, it is recommended to avoid such indigestible materials to avoid gastrointestinal obstruction.


Sawdust sand: natural and fresh aroma, not easy to stick

Sawdust sand is a more environmentally friendly type. Compared with other styles with artificial fragrances, the natural wood fragrance is more acceptable to cats, and its light weight, good deodorizing effect and large particles are not easy to be taken out of the basin. There are two main cleaning methods, one is to discard it as general garbage, and the other is to flush it down the toilet. Don’t forget to confirm the disposal method when purchasing.


Tofu (bean dregs) sand: biodegradable, environmentally friendly and harmless

People who have no experience in raising cats will be surprised to hear that cat litter is made of tofu, but in fact, tofu litter is also one of the popular types. Not only is it less likely to cause dust, there is no problem in terms of absorption and deodorizing effect, but it is also very environmentally friendly. The disadvantage is that it has a unique taste, and both cats and owners may not be used to it at first; in addition, it is more prone to moisture, so special attention should be paid to preservation.

Crystal sand: less dosage, good deodorizing effect

Crystal sand made of silicon dioxide, which is commonly used in deodorants, has a strong deodorizing power, so you don’t need to worry about it even in summer and other seasons that are prone to odors. It’s just that the water absorption and coagulation power of each brand of crystal sand are different, and if multiple hairy children use it at the same time, it may take less than a week to change the whole pot.

In terms of safety, silicon dioxide is of high purity and has the same composition as crystal and quartz, so it is non-toxic. If the cat accidentally eats it, it will be excreted with the excrement. , if there is any abnormality, please contact the animal hospital immediately.


Confirm whether it can be deodorized

The kidneys of cats secrete a protein called “CAUXIN”. This component is particularly abundant in felines, and it is also the reason why their urine is quite pungent.

However, not every cat owner can replace the stinky cat litter at any time. Therefore, there are many products that are advertised as long-term non-replaceable and strong deodorant. You must refer to them. However, cats are very clean animals. If the cat litter box is too dirty, the picky cat kings may refuse to use it, and even start to urinate everywhere. Even if you choose a long-lasting deodorant cat litter, you should pay attention to the cleanliness.


Choose cat litter with strong coagulation force and easy handling afterwards

The cat litter with poor coagulation is not only difficult to dig up with a shovel, but also easy to miss the dust contaminated with excrement. I believe that many owners often encounter cat litter that claims to have strong coagulation power, but find that it cannot be properly agglomerated after actual use, but in fact, some products just need enough time to solidify. Remove the excrement after a few minutes.

In addition, each type of cat litter has its own solidification time. When changing to a new model, you can observe its solidification state more in order to grasp the timing of cleaning. When the cat can’t get the sand or the amount of sand is insufficient, it will also affect the coagulation force, so be sure to spread the cat litter and maintain a proper thickness to prevent the cat from directly urinating on the pelvic floor. If you have followed these methods and the results are still not good, then it is time to change to a better one.


Measure cost performance and control consumables expenses

Cat litter is a consumable that is used every day. If you choose a style that is too expensive, it will cost a lot in the long run. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the balance between functionality, material and price when purchasing. In particular, the CP value can be judged from the absorption power of cat litter. Those with better absorption power are not only more economical in dosage, but also more friendly to the purses of the owners and the environmental protection of the earth.

Top 10 recommended cat litter popularity rankings

Then, in the form of a ranking list, I will introduce the cat litter that cats use comfortably and is convenient for owners to handle. However, I have to remind again that not all products are suitable for every cat. After purchasing, you still need to see if the cat emperors will pay for it!



Ultra Fresh Micro Crystals Cat Litter

USD 17.78

Brand Ultrapet
Item Weight  5 Pounds
Key Feature Fill clean litter box to a depth of 2-3 inches of litter. Scoop out solid waste daily then stir with litter scoop to aid moisture evaporation. Monthly dispose of litter, wash litter box, then refill to 2-3 inches depth. Litter mat outside box recommended.
Target Species Cat
Scent  Lotus Blossom



Purina Tidy Cats Light Weight

USD 27.88

Brand  Purina Tidy Cats
Item Weight  18.06 Pounds
Key Feature Tidy Max amillimeteronia blocker blocks amillimeteronia odor for up to 2 weeks; Tidy Max moisture activated power pieces absorb odor and liquids
Target Species Cat
Scent Fragranced
Material Clay

BoxiePro Deep Clean, Scent Free, Probiotic Clumping Cat Litter

USD 26.99

 It started with a question: What does a cat track out of the litter box? Boxiecat Pro’s boosted blend of probiotics deep clean your litter on a microscopic level 24/7, so your cat won’t spread unseen waste to kitchen counters, beds, and other areas of the home. Boxiecat Pro also prevents odors, helping to keep your home fresh and odor free. Cleaner paws = Cleaner home is about peace of mind and a more hygienic home for your family. Includes all the great benefits of Boxiecat’s extra strength litter formula.
Brand  Boxiecat
Item Weight  28 Pounds
Key Feature BoxiePro’s boosted blend of natural probiotics target waste, deep cleaning your litter on a microscopic level 24/7
Target Species  Cat
Scent  Unscented
Material Clay

Streyant Mixed Cat Litter

USD 19.99

Natural components

Soybean and Clumping clay,. More comfortable to use for cats! Keep your cat’s house fresh and smell free. Mixed cat litters have small amount of activated carbon and deodorizing particles which can neutralize pet’s urine, fecal and ammonia smells. 99.9% dust-free. The absorbent formula forms strong clumps that make scooping simple. Quick clumping makes non-stick base. Low dust also means an easy cleaning routine, helping to maintain a dry environment for your kitty. 
Item package indicates weight in both Kg and lb. 6 Lb is equal to 2.72 Kg. There’s a layer of packaging box outside the product for protecting itself, which may be damaged during transport. But does not affect the quality of the product itself.
Item Weight  6 Pounds
Key Feature 1. Flush clumps (under 8 cm in diameter) down the toilet one by one to avoid clogging. 2. Garbage packaging if the drainage pipe is old.
Target Species  Cat
Scent Unscented
Material Clay

Arm & Hammer Super Scoop Litter

USD 30.47

99% dust free and low tracking

An odor free home starts with ARM HAMMER Super Scoop Clumping Litter with Ammonia Odor Block formula. It combines powerful baking soda crystals with ammonia odor neutralizers to eliminate the toughest odors on contact. Plus a fresh scent is released every time your cat uses the box. Provides rock solid clumping for easy removal; 99% dust free and low tracking.
Brand  Arm & Hammer
Item Weight  6.35 Kilograms
Key Feature Combines powerful baking soda crystals with ammonia odor neutralizers to eliminate the toughest odors on contact
Target Species  Cat
Scent  Fresh Scent 14 lbv
Material crystals

sWheat Scoop Wheat-Based Natural Cat Litter

USD 21.59

Single Cat Odor Control

New packaging is all that has changed, the wheat is still the same! Swheat Scoop Litter naturally eliminates litter box odors even better. Plus, it clumps faster and firmer than ever for easier cleanups. See for yourself why cat owners are praising this chemical-free, biodegradable litter.
No more smelly litter boxes; Made from flushable, biodegradable wheat, its odor-fighting natural starches and enzymes trap cat odors on contact and neutralize urine and ammonia odors quickly without any artificial fragrances.
Brand  SWheat Scoop
Item Weight  25 Pounds
Key Feature Absorbent, all-natural wheat starch formula forms clumps fast to trap odors on contact; The formula’s fast-acting clumping makes scooping and flush clean-up easy; Enzymes naturally neutralize odors for long-lasting odor control
Target Species  Cat
Scent Unscented
Material Wheat

Fresh Step Scented Litter with The Power of Febreze

USD 9.99

Scoop able kitty litter

Fresh Step extreme clumping cat litter is formulated with the power of febreze in mountain spring scent to destroy extreme litter box odors. Now with ammonia block technology, This litter repels the strongest odors from urine and feces and leaves behind a light tropical scent. A paw activated fragrance releases every time your cat uses the litter box, providing odor control as needed without being overpowering. The high quality, clump lock technology in this litter quickly absorbs liquids while trapping odors on contact to form tight clumps, leaving virtually no stinky crumbles after scooping, making cleaning fast and easy.
Made with a low dust and pet friendly formula, this cat litter helps keep surfaces cleaner and air clearer with your cat’s health and happiness in mind. To refresh and maintain your litter box, every time you scoop just add more Fresh Step scented cat litter.
Brand  Fresh Step
Item Weight  14 Pounds
Key Feature Specially formulated for multi-cat litter boxes, this cat litter has a 10-day odor control with ammonia block technology activated charcoal that traps and eliminates kitty litter odor
Target Species  Cat
Scent  Mountain Spring
Material   Clumping Clay

Precious Cat Unscented Ultra Clumping Cat Litter

USD 19.99

Hypoallergenic, low dust, and has strong coagulation power!

Many cat litter products will add artificial fragrance to enhance the deodorant effect. However, an excessively strong fragrance may cause irritation and discomfort to cats with a very sensitive sense of smell.
“ULTRA Natural Fragrance and Odor Killer” is made of carefully selected natural ore sand, and mixed with particles of different thicknesses to achieve the effect of good coagulation force and not easy to disintegrate. With the characteristics of low dust, it can reduce the cat litter being brought into the basin. outside probability.
The natural fragrance with fresh aroma is specially added to help suppress the smell and upgrade the deodorizing effect. Besides, in addition to the general cat litter box, it is also suitable for automatic cat litter machines, and its characteristics of easy cleaning and low residue are also quite It is suitable for multi-cat households, making it more comfortable for the master to go to the toilet, and it is easier and more convenient for the minions to maintain the home environment.
Brand  Dr. Elsey’s
Item Weight 40 Pounds
Key Feature Multi-cat formula and superior odor control keeps your home smelling clean and fresh day in and day out; Ideal for sifting and mechanical litter boxes so it’s easier for you to dispose of your kitty’s waste
Target Species  Cat
Scent  Unscented
Material  Clay Litter

Fresh Step Ever Clean EverFresh Cat Litter with Activated Charcoal

USD 47.89

Moisture absorption, deodorization and antibacterial, the Rolls Royce in cat litter

EVER CLEAN uses the world’s patented activated carbon deodorant formula, which uses porous activated carbon to strongly absorb odor and moisture, which can keep the cat litter box dry, comfortable and odor-free. In addition, the cat litter has a strong coagulation force and a fast coagulation speed, and it will not stick to the bottom of the basin after agglomeration; the larger particles can avoid sticking to the hair, and the home will no longer become a big desert. In addition, the combination of antibacterial formula can prevent the growth of bacteria, and often maintain the hygiene of the toilet space.
There is no added fragrance, and there will be no obvious smell. Only when you are very close will you smell the smell similar to prickly heat powder and washing powder. Therefore, the meat balls of cats are not easy to get smelly, and cat slaves can still suck cats with confidence!
Brand  Ever Clean Pawesome
Item Weight  1 Pounds
Key Feature The larger particles can avoid sticking to the hair, and the home will no longer become a big desert. In addition, the combination of antibacterial formula can prevent the growth of bacteria, and often maintain the hygiene of the toilet space.
Target Species  Cat
Scent Unscented
mineral sand

WORLD’S BEST CAT LITTER Original Unscented

USD 32.52

The savior of dust allergy, pure natural grain sand

Even if your cat is going well with the litter, the dust may affect other family members. If someone in your household is severely allergic to mineral dust and your cat is sensitive to sand, consider using corn sand made from natural grains. The ingredients are mainly composed of crushed corn and wheat. In order to reduce dust, the particles are made larger than ordinary corn sand, but it will not affect the cat sand removal.
The absorption power and deodorizing power also have a certain level, especially the agglomerated corn sand will soften and decompose when it comes into contact with water, and it is not easy to block the toilet when flushing; and the weight after water absorption is only half of the mineral sand, so cleaning and handling are more labor-saving .
Brand   World’s Best
Item Weight 32 Pounds
Key Feature Naturally free of silica dust, this lightweight cat litter offers low tracking and less mess — so you and your cat can breathe easy.For the best results, do NOT mix with a non-clumping litter
Target Species  Cat
Scent  Unscented
 Material Corn

Frequently asked questions about buying cat litter

After browsing the selection method and the cat litter products on the market, I believe that all cat lovers have a deeper understanding. However, for the novice who is about to start raising cats, there may still be some usage-related questions to be clarified, so here are some frequently asked questions for reference.


How thick should the cat litter be?

Many cats often have the habit of digging holes or removing sand before and after going to the toilet, so it is generally recommended to cover them with a thickness of 5-8 cm, which can really exert the deodorant effect. On the other hand, since the thickness is also related to the cat’s foot feel, if the sand layer is too thin, it may affect the mood, causing it to be unwilling to patronize the cat litter and urinate everywhere.


How often to change? How to discard?

Even if the excrement is cleaned and new cat litter is added every day, there will still be some urine and feces left at the bottom, so it still needs to be fully renewed, usually every 3 to 4 weeks is an ideal frequency. As for old cat litter, in addition to being discarded as general garbage, some materials can also be flushed directly into the toilet. Please confirm the packaging instructions before purchasing.


How can I keep my room from filling up with dust?

I believe that the owners who have used mineral sand are quite impressed. The most troublesome thing is the flying dust. Therefore, if you want to choose this type of product, it is recommended to use a cat litter pad to concentrate the brought out grit, so that the subsequent cleaning is relatively easy; in addition, placing an independent cat litter house is also one of the ways to reduce dust.


The most difficult part of choosing cat litter is the cat’s preferences. As long as the cat is not used to it or feels uncomfortable stepping on it, it is likely to protest to the owner by defecation. It is recommended that when you change new cat litter, you must choose a small package first. If the feel and particles of the old and new models are very different, it is best to use the sand mixing method to let the cat get used to it. After you can accept the complete new sand, you can Feel free to stock up on discounts!

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