What if Samoyed is too fat? Appropriately increase the amount of exercise samoyed, every morning and evening should have a walk of more than 30 minutes; Try to feed Samoyeh low calorie dog food and food, and eat small and frequent meals; The feeding time should be fixed to let the Samoyed know that he will be fed when the time is up to avoid overeating.

1. Increase your exercise

The purpose of increasing exercise and increasing caloric consumption is to make Samoyed lose weight smoothly. We should increase its caloric consumption and give the dog regular exercise time every day to achieve the effect of reducing weight. Samoyed should walk for at least 30 minutes every morning and evening if he is physically stable.

2. Feed low calorie food

In the process of reducing weight in exercise, but also with diet to reduce weight, two-pronged to reduce weight to Samoye. The principle of diet weight loss is to prepare some low-calorie food as far as possible, and ensure the supply of vitamins, mineral elements and other nutrients. Eat small, frequent meals during feeding to reduce your dog’s hunger. Reduce Samoyed caloric AND fat intake and prevent caloric hoarding to avoid Samoyed obesity again.

3. Feed regularly

The SAMOyed should be fed regularly to avoid the fear of missing a meal. If the feed is not fixed, the dog will eat as hard as he can, often with a desire to eat more and more to prevent the fear of not having another meal. So when feeding, should develop a habit, regular and quantitative feeding it, so that it does not feel panic, as long as there is a sense of psychological security, know that they can rest assured, time to naturally have the next meal, do not need to fear for no food to eat, it will not be in a hurry to eat too much.

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