Snapping turtles are banned from breeding in parts of the United States where they do not have a natural range. And even when they did, they thought it was too fierce and would give it up halfway and just dump it somewhere in the water. And because of the abundance of food and the absence of natural enemies. Such practices pose a threat to the native species that are released. So, you can’t release them! So how do we raise it properly?

What's wrong with owning a snapping turtle

① about feeding

In early spring and early winter, the feeding time is once a day, and the feeding time is at noon when the temperature is relatively high. The end of spring and the beginning of winter are the peak feeding seasons for snapping turtles. They need to be fed twice a day, between 9 and 10 am and between 4 and 5 PM.

② Feeding environment

Different sizes of tortoises need to be raised in different ponds, not mixed together, because large tortoises will affect the growth of small tortoises; The water in the rearing pond needs to be changed regularly, and if it is a large pond, it also needs to be regularly disinfected.

What's wrong with owning a snapping turtle

③ Special care — winter and summer

Although snapping turtles are highly adaptable, they are ectotherms. Can withstand high temperature and low temperature. But be careful. In the summer when the temperature is high, there must be appropriate cooling measures – deepen the pool water (not less than 30 cm), shade coverage area must reach at least one-fifth of the pool; Put some duckweed free in the pool; You can plant trees next to the pool; The water surface temperature should not exceed 43℃.

What's wrong with owning a snapping turtle

④ The newly bought turtle needs an adaptation period

Here’s a reminder: The big snapping turtle may be scary, but it’s actually very timid. When you buy a big snapping turtle, put it in a quiet place out of the light and let it acclimatise for a while. Let him get used to his surroundings. In particular, no vibration, they are very sensitive to vibration. It’s easy to freak out; At first, it is not willing to eat food, this is very normal, most newly bought turtles need a feeding stage, the food must be alive, such as small loaches, small fish. If you see it start to open its mouth to eat the hanging food, the feeding stage is successful. But if you give them raw meat, snapping turtles usually won’t eat it

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