Tortoise as a kind of medicinal value and ornamental value are excellent animals, is one of the first choice for many people to keep pets. Keeping tortoises not only requires less time and energy compared with other animals, tortoises are long-lived animals, and they are pets with good reputation and strength. According to some of the turtle owners who feed turtles, turtles do not eat recently, what is the reason? Don’t panic, Xiaobian has some tips to help you solve it easily.

Why doesn't the tortoise eat

The ability of the tortoise to adapt to the environment is also relatively strong, when the tortoise does not appear the situation is, there must be some reason, we need to find the reason to solve. Generally speaking, the turtle does not eat is affected by a lot of factors, in addition to the normal turtle hibernation is not eating, such as environmental factors, although it is relatively strong ability to adapt to the environment, but just to a new environment, are a little unaccustomed and afraid of it. At this time, it is normal not to eat or eat less. There is no need to worry too much. It will not be a problem when the turtle ADAPTS itself.

Why doesn't the tortoise eat

The TORTOISE IS OMNIVOROUS ANIMAL, IT IS NOT PICKY ABOUT food, in fact, do not need to feed the owner to spend how much thought, but also cannot exclude the reason of feed, feed may not conform to the taste of the tortoise or not easy to digest it, appropriate adjustment is good. Second, turtles eat in water, so water level and temperature are important for turtles to eat. Many owners may ignore this point in the feeding, the water level is too shallow or the water temperature is not enough to cause the turtle can not eat, want to eat ah, so timely adjust the water level and water temperature, water level does not cross the turtle’s back, the water temperature is maintained at about 26 degrees. In addition, the tortoise may also be due to lack of proper care caused by the loss of appetite, at this time if there is no sunlight to replace the light to ensure the turtle needs, add calcium tablets in the daily feed feed, it will recover for a period of time.

Why doesn't the tortoise eat

If these reasons are not the reason why the turtle does not eat, then it is necessary to consider whether the turtle is sick, the turtle is prone to eye disease, it is likely that it did not eat because it could not see the food, or because of the water quality of bacteria, gastrointestinal blockage, the need for digestion.

After reading, have you found out the reason why your tortoise doesn’t eat and the solution?

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