Nowadays people have a good psychology of comparison, no matter what things, they want to compare with others, even their own dog, also want to compare with other dogs, and even in some aspects of special care. For EXAMPLE, FOR THE same SHEEPDOG, some people want to know: border collie fight German shepherd? This is to ask whether the border collie is good or the German shepherd is good. In fact, this is to be considered from many aspects.

Can a border collie fight a German shepherd

It’s fair to say that neither of these dogs are specialized pitbulls, so don’t judge them by that requirement. Because both dogs are herding dogs, the IQs of both dogs are very high, but the IQ of the relative border collie is higher. But from a comprehensive point of view, German Shepherd is still easy to be accepted by people, and even in many public places, you can see the German Shepherd working figure, it is very suitable for police work, why is this?

Can a border collie fight a German shepherd

Because the border collie is so smart, it will give priority to itself in many cases. It will protect itself well from being harmed, so some jobs may be dangerous, it will back down and not finish the task, and sometimes it will sneak faster than people to save its life. And the German Shepherd is very brave, not afraid of these dangers, can be very dutiful to complete their work.

So if you put a border collie in a fight with a German shepherd, the German Shepherd wins for the most part. Because THE German SHEPHERD IS MUCH bolDER THAN THE BORDER SHEPHERD, IT will go ahead and fight the enemy bravely, but THE BORDER shepherd will analyze the situation and surrender the first time when he knows he may not be able to fight. In addition, the German Shepherd is also slightly larger than the side Shepherd, which also suppresses the side Shepherd to some extent, making the side Shepherd even less likely to win.

Can a border collie fight a German shepherd

So if you have to ask: Can a border collie fight a German shepherd? Xiaobian will be very responsible to tell you, if it is a head-to-head battle, the border collie is basically can not beat the German Shepherd, if it is in some intellectual battle, the edge shepherd has a good chance of winning. So these two types of dogs have their own advantages, can not be generalized.

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