When many people want to raise dogs, they will choose to bring them home when they are young, because at this time they do not know much about the environment, so they can quickly blend into the new environment, and the puppy can be better trained, so that it can fully adapt to your life. So, what about border collie puppies? Because some people in the market now for some benefit, will use string dog to pretend to be a purebred dog, so in order to bring back a purebred dog, or need to understand the specific characteristics of the animal husbandry.

How to choose a border collie puppy

The first is to look at the appearance, purebred border collie ears are generally standing, will not step on the head; And because it is known for herding sheep in its blood, it can even shepherd sheep through the eyes, so the eyes of the edge shepherd are round and very divine; And the tail of a border collie is not usually curled up. So when you’re just beginning to see a puppy, check these areas first.

If it turns out to be a purebred border collie puppy, you can’t just take it home and check it’s healthy. Blow on it and see if you can see the pink skin soon. The average dog with light fur will see the skin immediately, which may be a sign that the quality of the dog’s hair is not very good. But this can also be later conditioning, slowly transformed.

How to choose a border collie puppy

There is also the dog’s nose, generally if the dog’s nose is wet, it proves that it is very healthy. Since dogs are very weak when they are young, they are vulnerable to many diseases or problems, and their health is often very worrying, so it is important to make sure that they are healthy before taking them home.

Another point is to check whether its limbs are robust, because the border collie itself is a sports dog, their limbs are generally growing very strong, the sole of the feet will be very thick, so you can use the hand gently to feel, see if it is a robust dog.

If from the whole channel to buy edge shepherd puppies, most are already off the milk, and the first job after weaning, is to take the dog to vaccinate, so when buying a dog, the vaccine is also to ask clearly, so that you can avoid a lot of trouble behind.

How to choose a border collie puppy

This IS A simple acceptance OF THE topic “HOW to CHOOSE a border COLlie puppy”. I hope you can get some useful information from it. In fact, if you want to bring a pet to your home, its health is very important, so don’t act impulsively because of certain prices. When the time comes, some bad things will also bring bad effects to yourself.

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