Peacock fish is a small ornamental fish, in the view of the layman, such a beautiful small fish, raising it without a lot of trouble. In reality, according to insiders, the peacock fish is a relatively good fish, but also very suitable for newcomers to raise. The pet house summarizes the method of raising peacock fish, whether it is good or not, you will know.

Is it good to keep peacock fish?

Water temperature

The most important thing for fish is the temperature of the water. The peacock fish is very capable, a slightly higher water temperature or a slightly lower water temperature does not have a great impact on it. The most suitable water temperature for peacock fish is actually between 18 – 24 degrees, in general, the indoor temperature will be able to meet its water temperature needs, the winter time may need a heater, water temperature control at 22 degrees is best. And in fact, when it is not very cold, without a heater, the water temperature is slightly lower, the peacock fish is not much other than less active. If the temperature is a little higher, the peacock fish can also adapt to a slightly higher water temperature, the peacock fish is slightly more active, research shows that a slightly higher water temperature can enhance the resistance of peacock fish to a certain extent.

Is it good to keep peacock fish?


There are two main types of fish feed, one is live bait, such as earthworms, plentiful shrimp, etc. The other is artificial bait. Artificial bait is easier and faster, but it is not so reassuring and may have safety problems. More people choose to feed live bait to peacock fish. Earthworms have high nutritional value and can promote the growth and development of peacock fish, and can also stimulate their appetite. However, the earthworms for peacock fish should be cleaned and free from diseases. The fungus shrimp is also a very nutritious and comprehensive food for peacock fish. In order to ensure the nutrition of peacock fish, it can be given some nutritionally complete feed.

Is it good to keep peacock fish?


The life span of a peacock fish is roughly 1 – 2 years, some well kept peacock fish can live longer, while others survive for a short time. Generally, a well-bred peacock fish has very little chance of suffering from disease, but once it does, it is never discovered in a short time. Therefore, the owner of a peacock fish needs to be more attentive to observe, give the peacock fish food and water quality should be reasonable.

Is it good to keep peacock fish?

On whether peacock fish are good or not, some careful owners, owners of leisure and elegance will feel that peacock fish are very good, even novices can raise very good, but if you are not patient enough, not so careful, you may feel that raising fish is more trouble.

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