Poodles are one of the most popular dog breeds for pet owners. We all know that poodles can be delicate and even picky eaters. Some dogs even eat only one brand of dog food. Whether it’s a special situation (picky eating, anorexia) or a time of financial embarrassment, it’s okay for poodles not to be fed dog food.

Is it okay for poodles not to be fed dog food

Many pet owners will add some snacks (yogurt, sheep milk powder, etc.) to their dogs when eating dog food, which not only increases the appetite but also balances the nutrition. Ensure the growth quality of dog hair. If we have enough time and energy, we can make homemade dog food for the dog. It should be noted that trace elements (including calcium, iron and zinc, etc.) should be added to the dog in time. At the same time, we should pay attention to the dog’s dietary taboos, and do not blindly add them, otherwise it is bad for the dog’s fur color and will bring a burden to the dog’s kidney.

Is it okay for poodles not to be fed dog food

Is it okay for poodles not to be fed dog food? The answer is yes. So what else can we feed a poodle that doesn’t eat dog food?

Poodles are no exception. Chicken is a good choice with egg yolk and liver. It is recommended that in addition to feeding dog food, Teddy dog can also be fed some protein rich chicken breast, it can be said to be one of the highest protein meat.

Is it okay for poodles not to be fed dog food

If the poodle does not like to eat dog food, you can also feed salmon, which can also play a beautiful hair effect.

But it IS COMMON to FIND THAT DOGS WHO DO NOT LIKE DOG food SOMETIMES act as petulant, pretending to be pitiFUL in exchange for a treat, or going on hunger STRIKE in protest at the monotonous, boring rations. The delicacy of pet dogs also lies in the fragile digestive system. We do not have to buy expensive dog food, but it is best to choose special poodle dog food, and do not feed human food; Keep your poodle on a regular diet and add complementary foods at the right time to avoid illness and ensure that he grows up healthy.

Is it okay for poodles not to be fed dog food? In the face of food shortage, dogs do not like to eat, we can use homemade dog food and snacks to guide, but in order to ensure the safety and health of dogs, it is recommended to buy regular dog food.

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