Pomeranians are beloved for their delicate, charming appearance and bright personality, but Pomeranians can be a source of anxiety for pet owners after illness. Pomeranian intermittent convulsion pain is also a common problem faced by many pet owners. Generally speaking, it can be identified according to other concurrent symptoms, which are mainly divided into the following four categories:

Pomeranian intermittent twitching pain

1, cold and high fever cause convulsions: in autumn and winter, the temperature decreases. Pomeranian hair in the bath is not timely blow dry or alternating hot and cold is easy to catch a cold. Like people, Pomeranian can also occur upper respiratory tract infection and even pneumonia, and so on, and these will cause fever, and then convulsions, intermittent convulsions and other phenomena. Therefore, when Pomeranian intermittent convulsive pain is found, we need to take his temperature immediately, and observe whether it is accompanied by sneezing and runny nose to exclude cold.

Pomeranian intermittent twitching pain

2, low calcium or malnutrition convulsions: for novice pet owners, most of them will only buy a single dog food or do not pay attention to the partial food of dogs, feed human food and so on. While neglecting calcium supplementation and other nutritional issues, resulting in insufficient calcium intake. The effect of calcium can inhibit nervous system excitation, especially for pregnant and lactating dogs, calcium supplementation is not timely, malnutrition will directly bring dog convulsions. In severe cases, Pomeranian body convulsions can even lead to death.

Pomeranian intermittent twitching pain

3, toxic epilepsy caused by convulsions: in the exclusion of cold, calcium deficiency, malnutrition and other causes of Pomeranian dog intermittent convulsions pain, we should also observe the dog’s living environment, further exclude the possibility of poisoning. Such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other gases poisoning, or arsenic and other chemicals poisoning and so on. This type of poisoning often presents with intermittent convulsive pain, accompanied by foaming vomiting.

4, psychological problems caused by intermittent convulsions: in addition, severe environmental changes or when Pomeranian adverse environmental stimulation, in beating or scare excessive, individual Pomeranian dogs will appear hysterical convulsions (with Pomeranian own physical and personality related), this intermittent convulsions are often not accompanied by obvious coma. This kind of Pomeranian intermittent convulsive pain needs to cooperate with the medicine prescribed by the pet doctor, at the same time, pet owners should be more care, stroking and comfort.

What about Pomeranian intermittent convulsive pain? So that’s the introduction. If we cannot find out the reason in time, we must send the dog to the pet hospital in time, let the professional pet doctor help the dog to relieve the convulsion, and even to save the dog’s life to win the golden time.

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