In ancient times when people is to see the nature is the cat catch mice, but now, more and more lost the cat to catch mice skills, but was now shit like the government, is the cat’s those furry paw swinging in front of you, there are a lot of people fell under the cats’ claws and willingly keeps a cat as a master. However, keeping a cat is not all the benefits, or there are disadvantages, in the case of the cat unconscious will be likely to bring trouble to the health of the excrement officer, now don’t say how much you love cats, read the following you really dare to keep?

The disadvantages of keeping cats

Many people have been allergic, body redness or a handful of snot a handful of tears, studies have confirmed that cat shed hair, dander and not timely cleaning of feces, if not timely cleaning, may become the cause of allergy, known as allergens in medicine. Once allergy may be very serious, leading to sneezing, dry and itchy eyes, loss of appetite, life and work are serious, treatment is also very troublesome, and the medical costs are very expensive. Therefore, if you decide to keep a cat, you must maintain good living conditions and clean living ways.

Furry PAWS may look cute, but cats can reveal their sharp claws without meaning to, and a medical student’s cat scratch disease can develop where a child has been scratched. It could cause skin infections in children. Even adults need medical attention for serious scratches. Therefore, cat nails need to be repaired regularly.

The disadvantages of keeping cats

There are MANY diseases may find the cat, and once infected with the disease, its life is in danger, if the treatment, also need a lot of medical money, the result may not be able to save the cat’s lovely life, the excrement officer must be able to withstand the pet death of a big test.

Lose your fur, leaving behind not only the smell of your cat but also the drop of your fur as it crawls around on you every day. I couldn’t be prouder to wear my own cat hair every day.

The disadvantages of keeping cats

3 SLEEP position will become strange, for fear of sleeping when turn over accidentally pressed to the cat, and if the cat sleep first occupied the owner’s position, the owner is mostly unwilling to wake up the little cute, only according to the cat sleeping position, the owner of the outline of the cat to sleep.

Cats are lovely and amiable, but after reading the above risks, do you still dare to keep a cat? It’s time to put your love to the test. Are you willing to take care of your cat for the rest of your life, even if it’s sick?

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