Not to mention puppies who are still growing, adults and senior dogs can also get nutrients and water through pet milk to maintain their health. However, the selection of pet milk is very different from that of human food, and the products suitable for dogs at each stage are also different. If you accidentally buy milk with too much lactose, it can lead to diarrhea and indigestion. In order to protect the furry child, this time, I will introduce you to the purchase knowledge and key points of dog pet milk, and at the end of the article, in the form of a ranking list, I will recommend ten popular products from major shopping malls; welcome to this topic Interested owners and friends, please read the following articles together.  

The purpose of letting your dog drink milk

Except for some owners who have experience in raising puppies, most people may not have the experience and knowledge of feeding milk to pets. In fact, even healthy adult dogs can obtain nutrition from pet milk. Eating it with feed can not only supplement the required nutrients, but also increase immunity and slow down the speed of physical decline. In addition, when the dog loses appetite in the hot summer, milk can also be used to increase its appetite, or to supplement the lack of nutrients and water when the pet is malnourished or in poor condition.

Buying points for dog milk

Basically, pet milk is intended for puppies, sick or post-ill, and adult dogs with loss of appetite, but can also be used as a supplement to healthy adult dogs’ daily diet. Let’s take a look at some small details that should be paid attention to when purchasing pet milk.

Choose according to age and growth stage

First, dogs, like humans, require different nutrients at each age. For example, puppies need milk with nutrients such as Omega-3 fatty acid and DHA for growth. However, most dogs have lactose intolerance to varying degrees. Therefore, it is not recommended to give a large amount of milk at a time. Instead, in addition to feeding dry food and canned food, the dog should be given a moderate amount of milk in a timely manner.

Choose ingredients that are right for your dog’s health

In order to improve your dog’s immunity, you can choose the right milk ingredients according to your needs. In addition, it is recommended to use products that are easy to absorb and rich in minerals and electrolytes for sick or newly recovered dogs. However, no matter what kind of product, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it contains artificial flavors, artificial colors and other additives.

Evaluate liquid or powder options

Pet milk for dogs can be divided into two types: liquid milk that does not need to be brewed, and instant milk powder that is easy to store and easy to mix into feed. Only milk powder is recommended to be brewed when needed, rather than stored first, so as to avoid concerns about hygiene and deterioration.

Choose products that are lactose-free or contain lactase

Because dogs secrete less lactose in milk than milk, and less lactase (lactase) in their intestines, drinking ordinary milk can easily lead to symptoms such as diarrhea and indigestion. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a style with less or no lactose. Of course, there are also products with lactase added on the market. Don’t forget to pay attention to the product ingredient label before purchasing. However, if you want to give it to puppies, it is recommended to avoid goat milk, which is low in protein and fat, so as to avoid nutritional deficiencies.

Recommended Top 8 Dog Milk Rankings

After reading the above introduction, let’s take a look at some popular products.

Hartz Powdered Puppy Milk Replacer

USD 13.61

Brand Hartz
Flavor Milk
Key Feature An optimal balance of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients to support growth and development during the formative first 6 weeks of life
Target Species Dog
Item Form Powdered
Breed Recommendation  Small Breeds

GNC Pets Ultra Mega Premium Milk Replacer Powder Formula

USD 38.23

GNC Pets is proudly made in the US, providing you and your pet with safe, secure, and high quality products. GNC Pets ensures accurate labeling and manufacturing for consumer safety; GNC Pets supports happy, healthy pets. Taste tested and approved by cats and canines alike, our pet vitamins and supplements offer healthy solutions for your furry friends from head to tail
Brand GNC
Flavor Milk
Key Feature Made from enriched natural skim milk proteins and including the necessary quantities of protein, fat, and fiber, this easily digestible kitten formula will help your cat transition to solid foods without digestive distress
Target Species Dog
Item Form Powder
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes

Raw Paws Frozen Raw & Powdered Goat Milk

USD 39.99

Brand Raw Paws
Flavor Flavor
Key Feature Naturally helps to provide relief from pet allergies and alleviate pet joint pain. Probiotics, naturally found in whole goat milk powder, help to fight off the growth of yeast that leads to itchy paws, ears and hot spots. Also high in digestive enzymes, dry cat and dog goat milk helps to relive inflammation and joint pain giving your pet a boost in their activity level.
Target Species Cat,Dog,Goat
Item Form Dried Powder
Item Weight 7 Ounces

Puppy Milk Replacement Dog Supplement

USD 18.89

For Strong Bones and Healthy Teeth. Made with natural milk proteins and calcium to support a healthy development. For all Breeds of Dogs and all Ages. his pet supplement is recommended for vulnerable dogs like puppies, birthing or lactating mothers, and senior dogs.
Brand Vets Preferred
Item Weight 12 Ounces
Key Feature Premium Veterinarian Grade. Produced in a GMP-certified facility, to ensure optimum quality and safety.
Target Species Dog
Item Form Powder
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes

K9 Natural Lactose Free Dog Milk

USD 8.99

Lactose free for digestion.  Full of Calcium with added Taurine & Flaxseed Oil.
Brand K9 Natural
Flavor Milk
Key Feature Contains omega 3, with no artificial preservatives or flavours so it retains all the natural goodness your cat deserves.
Target Species Dog
Item Form Liquid
Item Weight 0.3 Kilograms

The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Instant Goat’s Milk for Dogs

USD 14.69

This wholesome goats milk is made from pasture raised, free-ranging goats with no by-products, preservatives or GMO ingredients and is approved by the National Animal Supplement Counsel (NASC).
Brand The Honest Kitchen
Flavor Milk
Key Feature Just add water to create your own nourishing homemade bone broth – serve as a warming treat, pour over kibble or use to hydrate your Honest Kitchen.
Target Species Cat,Dog,Goat
Item Form Dry
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes

Nature’s Diet Pet Dried Whole Cream Goat Milk for use as High Protein

USD 19.99

Just Add Water to Our Powdered Goat Milk to Create a Nutrient Rich Liquid Milk. Use as a Liquid Treat, to Moisten Food or, Sprinkle Over Food as a Dry Meal Topper. From our Kitchen to yours, Nature’s Diet Whole Cream Goat Milk is as easy.
Brand Nature’s Diet
Flavor Milk
Key Feature Pets Are Family Too – Everything That Goes into Nature’s Diet Goat Milk is 100% USDA Approved Human Grade. Nurture Your Pet With Nature’s Diet.
Target Species Dog and Cat
Item Form Powder
Breed Recommendation Labrador Retriever German Shepherd Dog Golden French Bulldog Beagle Poodle Pug Terrier Rottweiler Pit Bull Pointer Collie Hound Bichon Shiba Chihuahua

PetAg Petlac Milk Powder for Puppies

USD 15.83

Brand PetAg
Specific Uses for Product Weight Management, Nutrition, Growth
Key Feature Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids: Supplies nutrition required for proper growth and development; Petlac Puppy Milk Replacement: Recommended food source for orphaned and nursing puppies
Target Species Dog
Item Form Powder
Breed Recommendation All Breed Sizes

Frequently Asked Questions about Buying Dog Milk

Do you have any other doubts after knowing how to buy pet milk for dogs and what products are on the market? The following lists a few problems that users may have, and hope to help you solve problems.

How is pet milk different from regular milk?

Generally, the lactose content of cow’s milk is high. Since dogs and other pets have low lactose tolerance, if you drink ordinary milk, you may have gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea and flatulence. It is recommended to give low-lactose dog pet milk.

Can I feed pet milk every day?

Milk is not a necessary food for pets. It is recommended to use dry feed or canned food as the main food. Milk is used as a supplementary or reward food, which is less likely to cause pets to have bad habits of picky eaters or cause dental-related diseases.

Which pet milk is recommended for senior dogs?

Senior dogs are recommended to choose formulas with high protein and essential nutrients and low calorie content, which can supplement the required nutrients while avoiding obesity.


After reading the introduction to the purchase points of pet milk for dogs and the list of eight popular products, have you all found the milk that your dog likes? Although there are various kinds of products, as long as you choose according to the age and health of the dog, I believe that whether it is for nutritional supplements or hydration, you can quickly find the most suitable products.

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