It is inevitable that we will have some close contact with dogs during the feeding process. If the dog has fresh breath, we will be more happy to be around him, but if he has bad breath, it will definitely affect our good mood. For new dog owners, it’s hard to know what to do when faced with a dog’s bad breath. If you are struggling with this problem, here are some tips to try.

What about your dog's bad breath

First of all, we can prepare some bones for dogs, pig bones, sheep bones can be, but do not give dogs to eat body head, fish bones, if often let dogs bite pig bones, sheep bones, can effectively reduce the dog’s halitosis problem, but also can help dogs to prevent oral diseases oh.

Second, we will give the dog brush teeth, dogs are like people, if not to do a good job of oral cavity clean, it is easy to appear problem, so it is also one of the methods to solve the problem of dog breath brushing your teeth, of course, if a dog will not willing to cooperate with the best and don’t try so hard, but if dog cooperation degree is high, so we give the dog dog brush my teeth every day.

What about your dog's bad breath

In addition, we also need to change the dog’s eating habits, which mainly includes four aspects. First, we should change the dog’s snacks to snacks that can improve the symptoms of bad breath, such as chicken jerky; Second, give your dog less soft food, especially don’t give your dog to eat leftovers, because soft food will aggravate the problem of bad breath; Third, do not give the dog to eat “heavy taste” food, to let the dog eat light; Four is to give the dog to eat some special dog gum, let the dog’s breath more fresh.

What about your dog's bad breath

It is important to note that if we are in accordance with the above method is made for a period of time after the change of dog’s bad breath problem and there is not much improvement, even worse, that is about to alert dogs if there is a mouth, intestines and stomach and viscera disease, if we can’t judge, that is about to take their dog to pet hospital for treatment.

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