Hermit crabs get their name from the fact that they often eat mollusks like shells and then occupy their shells. Hermit crabs can be found in the cracks of rocks on the beach, and sometimes in other places such as bamboo joints and corals. Nowadays, there are people who are keeping hermit crabs, but because they don’t know their habits, they always make mistakes when keeping them, so let’s learn more about them.

What do hermit crabs eat

When hermit crabs are at the beach, the food they eat is mainly the remains of dead fish and some floating algae that come up with the waves, some of the more flavorful food is the favorite of hermit crabs, such as food with fish or fish odor, but do not feed them acidic food to eat, long-term feeding them acidic food, hermit crabs will get chondromalacia. Their intestines cannot digest dairy products, and feeding them dairy products can cause them to die.

What do hermit crabs eat

Of course, it is important to feed a balanced diet. In order to make them nutritionally balanced, you can feed them with minerals, calcium and salt to supplement their body needs. When the hermit crabs are shedding their skin, you should not clean away the old skin that they shed. The hermit crabs will eat their old skin to replenish the calcium needed for the new skin to become hard, and if the old skin is cleaned away, you can use eggshells instead.

What do hermit crabs eat

When you are keeping terrestrial hermit crabs, it is recommended to feed them at around 9:00 pm because they are nocturnal animals. Feed them food that is cut into pellets or chunks, and try to distribute the food evenly according to the number of animals kept, and feed different foods every day, cleaning up any food that is not finished by the hermit crabs that day. You can feed them food with carotenoids so that the color of their carapace will be more colorful.

Well, it is normal for hermit crabs not to eat sometimes, they will rarely eat when the weather is cold, sometimes not eating is also a precursor to shed their shells, and will hide in the sand, you do not need to worry about yo.

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