Many people feel very cute and adorable at first glance when they see a folded-ear cat, which has peculiar ears that bend downward, a round face that is chubby, and eyes that are round and shiny like the little elves that run out of the cartoon. Plus soft meat paws, especially to sit like a human, so people feel very wonderful ~ but the folded ear cat is really cute? Actually not! Folded ear cats are the most pathetic! How many people have understood the pain of a cute appearance?

Folded ear blue cat why can not keep

The peculiarity of dogs like folded-ear cats stems from a skeletal disorder inherited from birth, or in the terminology: abnormal development of cartilaginous ossification. Whether they are folded-eared or standing-eared, cats with the folded-ear hair gene will not have 100% normal bones; it is just a matter of severity. This is a typical genetic disease of the folded-ear cat race – it starts with osteogenesis, then bone spurs, and finally paralysis. The onset is mostly between two months and six months of age, but there are others that develop the disease after they reach one year of age.

Especially nowadays, in order to increase their sales, cat dealers in the market say without any basis that “folded ears and standing ears mating, no genetic disease”, which is a total lie! This disease is congenital, and its onset is a difference of time and severity. Moreover! There is no cure for this disease, and most of the disease will continue to deteriorate, there is no cure! It will stay with the folded ear cat until it dies.

Folded ear blue cat why can not keep

The only way we can prevent this genetic disease from continuing to exist! It can only be to stop breeding the species of folded ear cats!

Don’t ever think that a folded ear cat has fat, cute meatball paws! This is due to its abnormal skeleton!

Don’t ever think it’s very funny that a folded ear cat can sit like a human! This is only due to its hind limbs being stiff, or to the pain of bending its knees, because sitting is the only way to slightly reduce the pain!

Never think that the folded ear cat is very lethargic, always lying in a large shape this reason and someone’s sitting reason is the same!

Don’t ever think that folded ear cats don’t make a fuss because they are too good natured! It’s actually because they are in pain! It hurts so much that they don’t want to make a sound! They don’t want to move at all, because every curve brings pain!

Folded ear blue cat why can not keep

It can be said that ‘folded ear cats are the deformed children inside cats’, they are not recognized by nature, they cannot exist for long, their whole life is suffering! I really hope no more folded ear cats are created! It is generating pain!

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