When it comes to cats, this kind of gentle and clingy animal will unconsciously make people fall deep into the fun of jerking off. The orange cat that became popular on the network is a wave of cat breeding, many people into the pit feeding. However, the raising found, how from so cute little fat into a ball, but also rumors of ten orange cats in nine orange cats are fat and one is a huge fat. Looking at the weight of the pet like eating puffed up, many cat owners are worried about this, why is the orange cat so fat, what is the solution? Let me to give you tips!

Why is the orange cat easy to fat

In fact, when it comes to why the orange cat will be so fat many people’s first reaction is that this guy can eat ah, but also particularly gluttonous, in addition to sleep is to eat, not afraid of the strange. Indeed, nowadays, with the leap in material life, pets are also a wide variety of food, feeding food is also more nutritious and comprehensive, plus the director’s love, life is called a nourishing.

That said, the orange cat eats a lot, it can not be blamed, is the reason for its own physique. There is a special study that shows that the orange cat may first have an origin with Garfield, unlike other cat breeds, its gastrointestinal digestive function is surprisingly good, coupled with the former was mostly stray cats, grabbing food is also bar, and now the conditions of breeding life is getting better and better, it began to expand.

Why orange cats are easy to fat

There is another reason is that many cat owners will now give their cats de-sexing surgery, which is also one of the reasons for the obesity of orange cats. The principle is that the cat in the de-sexing surgery, the body’s hormones, that is, sex hormones will become less, appetite becomes larger without some of the distress of the estrus period, become more and more lazy delicious, the so-called heart wide body fat can not be restrained in the road of growing meat farther and farther.

Why orange cats are easy to fat

Although the orange cat is very easy to fat cats, but can not help its cute, so people can not help but want to feed, and it is also a smart little guy, using the advantage of cute for their own mouth. But too much obesity is not good for cats, so cat owners in feeding the orange cat food or think about it, or be confused by its small intelligence, to feed properly to maintain a good figure.

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